Professional Roof Repair by Absolut Roofing LLC

Roof Repair in Nitro WV

Licensed, Trained & Fully Insured
Roofing Repair Contractor

Absolut Roofing LLC of Nitro, West Virginia provides professional roof repair services for businesses and residents of Putnam and Kanawha County, West Virginia.

We are licensed, trained, and fully insured contractors. We have been serving and satisfying the commercial and residential roofing installation and repair needs of the region for over five years.

Flat, Metal, Rubber & Shingle Roof Repair

We repair the following types of roofs:

Flat • Metal • Rubber • Shingle

Our main concern is your complete satisfaction. If we install a new roof for you and you have any problems with leakage or integrity issues and you have followed all recommendations to replace any rotten, decaying, damaged materials, etc. that were found during inspection or as your roof was being installed, we will return to your location for the duration of your warranty as often as necessary to make it right.

We do not anticipate that you will have any issues. However, if you do, we have your back! Contact us at: (304) 415-0809 and ask to speak directly with the owner of Absolut Roofing LLC if you are experiencing any problems with your new roof.

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversions

If you have a flat roof that has been causing problems for you, we can fix the underlying cause of the roof (its flat pitch) by transforming your flat roof to a pitched roof that is more appropriate for the local climate and weather conditions of the Metro Valley Region of West Virginia. Our previous customers have all been very pleased with their flat to pitched roof conversions. Let us fix your flat roof for good!

Overhang & Soffit Repair

Absolut Roofing LLC will repair your damaged overhang and soffit while we are working on repairing the other aspects of your roof. The overhang and soffit are often overlooked critical components that protect and help maintain the integrity of the structure of your home or business. When these components become damaged, water infiltration, ventilation, and drainage all suffer. We can inspect your soffit and overhang if you suspect a problem and advise you regarding any recommended repairs that will save you aggravation and expense in the future.

Roofing Material Repair & Replacement

When the material that covers your roof has been lost or damaged, it is critical to have that material repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you notice damaged or missing roofing materials or have experienced an event likely to have caused damage to your roof, contact Absolut Roofing LLC as soon as possible. We will take immediate steps to help protect your home from damage until the repair or replacement can be completed. Some common causes of damaged roofing include:

  • Animal Presence/Nesting Near Roof
  • Blizzards, Ice, & Snow Accumulation
  • Buildup of Debris & Soil on Roof
  • Clogged Gutters & Downspouts
  • Damaged Roo Assault (Objects Dropped or Thrown onto Roof)
  • UV Damage to Roofing Materials
  • Wind Gusts

Ultimately, the main concern with all of the above damages to your roof is that these issues and the resultant damage will allow water and moisture to infiltrate your structure. We cannot allow that to happen or your structure will rapidly deteriorate. Let us help you before it’s too late.

Select Dedicated Roofing Professionals to Repair Your Roof

When selecting a roofing repair contractor, it is vitally important to select a dedicated contractor whose employees are fully trained professionals who possess the knowledge and skills to perform your roof repair perfectly and without flaws. One minor error in a roof repair will quickly result in the resumption of your previous leaking roof issue or an even more severe dilemma if the entire repair fails. Unfortunately, this is a much too common occurrence that we see often when called out to repair the mistakes made by other inferior contractors. Don’t take chances with shoddy contractors or those contractors who only do a few roofs per year as side projects.

We Go Above and Beyond to Ensure a Successful Roof Repair

Absolut Roofing LLC of Nitro, WV is fully dedicated to providing professional-grade repairs that will allow you to relax and enjoy many years of worry-free living. We use only the finest quality of roofing repair materials available and take steps to go above and beyond basic repair standards to best serve your roof repair needs and ensure that your repair will be a success. We fully seal all joints and areas where moisture may potentially infiltrate or wind may catch hold and damage or remove parts of your roof. We are longtime residents of the area and are aware of the high winds, blizzards, and other treacherous weather conditions that our customers’ roofs must endure year after year. We always keep the worst weather in mind when applying your roof repair.

If you suspect or are aware of any damage to your roof or the integrity of your roof components, please contact Absolut Roofing LLC and we will take steps to halt the damage and repair the issue as soon as possible: (304) 415-0809.