Flat Roof and Rubber Roof Installation & Repair Options

Rubber Roof Installation in Putnam and Kanawha County

Rolled & Rubber Shingle Roof Installation
in Putnam & Kanawha County

We provide a variety of effective installation and repair options for flat roofs. Absolut Roofing LLC of Nitro, WV is Putnam and Kanawha County’s rubber roof installation and repair specialist. We install high quality rolled or rubber shingle roofing that will efficiently protect your structure from the elements for quite some time.

Affordable Rubber Roofing for Flat Roofs

Rubber Roofing is perhaps the most economical, effective, and environmentally conscious roofing material available. It is always the recommended material for flat roofs and roofs with low pitches. It is a very affordable option, as well.

Absolut Roofing LLC offers a variety of rubber roof solutions to suit your needs:

Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings:
Durable Material for Both Restoration and Repairs of Flat Roofs
EPMD (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or “Rubberized” Flat Roofing):
An Extremely Cost-Effective and Durable Option for Flat Roofs
The Superior Commercial Flat Roofing Repair Solution; Strong, Impervious, White Color & Easy to Install
An Affordable Commercial Roofing Product with a White Color; Extremely Adhesive and Durable

Grow Your Savings with Living & Green Roofs

People around the world are discovering the benefits of installing “living roofs” or “green roofs” on their flat-topped structures. After an extremely impervious roof coating has been applied, vegetative material is then planted on top of the roof. The roof can be partially or completely covered with vegetative materials. Although living/green roofs are one of the most costly and labor-intensive flat roof options in terms of initial investment, they are also one of the most durable and beautiful roofing options available.

There are several benefits to this practice including:

  • Beautification
  • Extending of the Life of Roof Coatings
  • Filtering Precipitation Contaminants
  • Increasing Insulation of the Structure
  • Lowering Energy Costs
  • Moderating Local Environmental Temperature
  • Preventing Excessive Runoff from Reaching Foundation
  • Reducing Noises

When properly constructed, living roofs can also be utilized for:

  • Growing Food Plants
  • Mini-Parks
  • Recreational Activities
  • Restaurant Terraces

Install a living or green roof on your flat roof and watch your energy saving grow!

Learn more about green and living roofs:

Please note: Ideal candidates for living roofs must be structurally sound and have a pitch within a narrow range to achieve a successful installation. If you would like to install a living roof on your existing structure, extensive modifications may be necessary. We will not install living roofs on inferior or questionable structures.

Choose the Region’s Premier Roofing Installation Contractor

Absolut Roofing LLC is the region’s premier roofing installation contractor. No matter what type of roof repair, installation, or replacement you choose for your structure you can rest assured that you will enjoy the comfort of knowing that you will enjoy years of worry-free protection. Many construction companies only do one or two roofs a year. In contrast, the roofing technicians from Absolut Roofing, LLC of Nitro, WV work on installing quality roofs and performing professional-grade, durable roof repairs all day long, every working day. Since our business focuses solely on roof work, we have gained the extensive knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that you roof project will be done perfectly to ensure that your home or business and all internal property will remain safe from harmful moisture issues for the duration of your chosen roof covering material’s warranty.

Enjoy a High Quality Roof at a Fair Price

We work with our manufacturers to ensure that we are able to provide you with the high-quality roof that you need at a fair price. Our customers have been pleased with the affordability of our services for the region’s highest quality roof installations and repairs. Our attention to detail and extreme commitment to quality is evident in all of our work and that, in combination with our superior customer service reputation, has earned us the reputation as Kanawha and Putnam County’s premier roofing services contractor. We are proud to be known as the reliable professionals and we look forward to helping you solve your roofing woes.

Contact Absolut Roofing LLC with any questions that you may have or to schedule a roof inspection, estimate, or roof service: (304) 415-0809.